Saint David's School

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Boys distinguish themselves as young men of ideas and ideals. Open-minded and humble, they appreciate difference and act in service of the greater common good.


Saint David’s educates boys to be scholars who engage in rigorous academic pursuit and critically analyze ideas and issues. Boys work collaboratively, are intellectually curious, and creative.


Boys develop an appreciation for the arts and beauty in all of its manifestations. They critically determine aesthetic value and are keen observers of the world around them.


Skill, sportsmanship, and teamwork guide the athletic program. While our boys have a healthy competitive spirit, honoring the game and the underlying skills is paramount.


Why a Boy’s School

While young men and boys can and do excel in many types of educational institutions, schools for boys focus with intention on learning that addresses not only how to excel in academics but also how to grow into a young man of integrity and empathy.

2019-2020 Application

Our World is Our Campus