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Measuring the Turkey Run

Posted on November 8, 2017


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In advance of next week's Turkey Run, second grade mathematicians brought their investigation, Measuring for the Art Show, to sports! Prior to departing for Riverside Park yesterday, the boys estimated the distance of the Turkey Run, in inches. Then, during sports period, boys began to measure the length of the Turkey Run using inchworms as their tool, counting by groups of ten. Using a twenty frame (10 inches in one color, 10 inches in a different color), mathematicians were able to unitize and efficiently count the number of inches. The boys quickly realized that although it is possible to measure the distance in inches, it is not the most efficient unit of measure. This led to a discussion of other standard units of measure, such as feet, yards and miles. The class will continue their exploration of measurement by learning about the metric system towards the end of this week.

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