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Coding at Hogwarts

Posted on November 10, 2017


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On Halloween, as part our celebrating Hogwarts at Saint David’s, the second grade wizards-in-training had an exciting “Care of Magical (Robotics) Creatures” class. As a culmination of a unit of robotics coding using the Blockly app to code Dash and Dot robots, the boys were tasked with building code that would allow a Dash robot to interact safely with one of three magical creatures from the world of Hogwarts.

Boys chose whether to code their robot to defeat a fire-breathing dragon, sneak past “Fluffy,” a fearsome, three-headed dog, or use the proper care and respect to approach and befriend a mighty Hippogriff.

The boys were provided descriptions of proper protocols for interacting with each creature, as demonstrated by Harry Potter and his friends in various books. Our coding wizards had to “translate” the actions of Harry and his friends into robot behaviors. They had to break those actions down into steps, sequence them, and include, where needed, logic structures such as loops and conditional if…then statements.

Coding at Hogwarts was a big success! The boys successfully applied their coding know-how to novel challenges that were of particular interest on that magical day!

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