Technology at Saint David's is an integral part of daily life and is embedded in all curricular areas. It is purposefully incorporated into classes in ways that build skills and habits of mind for lifelong learning in a technological world. Technology is implemented in an active way: pedagogy and curriculum drive the program, while the technology used, whether iPads, Google Apps, robotics, interactive whiteboards, the "flipped" classroom or laptops, promote and engage the boys in active, creative learning.  Boys  begin using tablets and learning how to navigate computers in the preprimary grades. 

A trio of coding and robotics units allows boys to deepen their understanding of computer programming in second grade: Students use Scratch, a developmentally appropriate programming environment, Lego kits with programmable sensors and motors, and Dash and Dot, speedy and interactive robots that boys program to respond to each other and the world around them. In fifth grade they explore robotics through mechanics and coding, and in seventh grade they engage in a four-week coding unit which culminates in their developing a video game of their own design.

Throughout their years at Saint David's, boys learn various computer software programs and utilize technology to design and deliver analytical presentations of their studies. Examples include the PowerPoint presentations on Ancient Egypt in Grade Four and the Nightingale Bamford Lectures on Art in Grade Eight humanities.  Technology also provides teachers with ways to differentiate instruction to suit a boy's individual learning style and challenge him at his own level,  and is useful in assessing boys' progress in understanding and mastering their studies during the course of a unit. Every boy will graduate with technological prowess, self-confidence, and an awareness of the ethical and moral responsibilities of computer usage.


Saint David's espouses the National Association of Independent School Principles of Good Practice.