Lower School Overview

Pre-Kindergarten to Grade Three

The Lower School provides a structured, challenging, and dynamic academic environment in which each boy develops a strong sense of confidence in himself as a learner.

  • In the pre-primary grades, the curriculum introduces a vast array of topics and disciplines that aim to foster a love of discovery while cultivating the skills necessary for continued academic achievement. By following the Golden Rule, boys learn to work and play together while taking their first steps toward independence.
  • Language arts and mathematics form the core of the academic curriculum. Taught in small instructional groups that progress at an appropriate pace, reading classes balance direct instruction with group and individualized work.
  • A small group format is used in mathematics to maximize learning potential. Hands-on activities engage the boys as they master concepts and apply skills to problem-solving situations.
  • Several times each week, Lower School boys are fully immersed in the Spanish language and experience cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Students acquire Spanish speaking and listening skills through interactive language activities that parallel what the boys are learning in other subjects, deepening their understanding of multiple disciplines.
  • Interdisciplinary STEAM classes take boys on project-based learning adventures in which they collaborate to address challenges. These range from programming Bee Bots to follow a designated route, to designing three-dimensional cardboard structures outfitted with lighting and other conveniences, to engineering a mini-vehicle to race down a fifty-foot track in the Nerdy Derby.
  • Beginning in pre-kindergarten, boys take field trips to explore the surrounding community and learn from the wealth of resources in our city.
  • Boys participate in a daily sports period where they exercise and have fun while developing physical skills, teamwork, and good sportsmanship.


By the end of the third grade, the last year of Lower School, Saint David's boys have mastered fundamental skills. They can read for comprehension and identify the main idea, make inferences, and track character development. They can write a strong descriptive paragraph and a beginning research paper. They can add, subtract, multiply, and divide and understand concepts of time, money, and measurement. They have strong study skills and are comfortable using our academic planner. They collaborate to solve problems. They have interacted with neighborhood schools, and have developed a sense of themselves as members of a wider community who share responsibility for its strength. Over the course of their Lower School years, they have discovered the foundations of what it means to be good men.