The Arts

Visual Arts, Drama, Music

Through the cultivation of the critical eye and the critical mind, the arts program at Saint David’s equips boys to seek truth, beauty, and “the good” in the world around them. Creative exploration inspires the discovery of passions and instills confidence through a budding sense of mastery.

Saint David’s boys take full advantage of neighboring world-class art museums, including the Met, Guggenheim, MoMA, Frick, and Museo del Barrio. In addition to a full semester of art sessions in partnership with the Guggenheim, Eighth graders visit the Met every Friday for curated tours. Eighth Grade Humanities, an interdisciplinary study of history and art history, promotes the examination of art in historical context. Boys develop analytical and public speaking skills through culminating experiences including an art lecture, architectural study, studio art project, and  a research essay. They view the art and architecture they have studied during a ten-day Italian Study Tour.

Drama productions in every grade allow boys to step outside their comfort zones and explore emotions and new dimensions of their own personas as they portray those of their characters. Saint David’s music program offers opportunities to participate in the First Orchestra, Philharmonic and Percussion Ensembles, Chamber Singers, and Recorder Consorts.