Rigorous Academic Pursuit

At Saint David's, we believe that rigorous academic pursuit presented with warmth and respect is a sure path to becoming a good man and that the good in academics is found in scholarship. We immerse our boys in the world's rich intellectual and cultural heritage, and teach them to think analytically and with precision.We sharpen their minds through the close study of classical works while maximizing active engagement and creativity in the process, thereby instilling an enduring love of learning. Our commitment to intellectual development and growth requires ongoing critical examination.

Through our Curriculum Initiative, Saint David's has incorporated the most current educational research and re-worked courses to maximize true learning and deeper understanding. As a result, we have reached further beyond the walls of the school, and have increased our focus on interdisciplinary learning, effective communication and the development of fluency in a second language. Public speaking and deportment is emphasized in all disciplines, and boys gain confidence through frequent practice. Active learning at Saint David's brings the level of excitement found in the science lab into mathematics class and throughout the school, while a focus on collaborative thinking and creative problem-solving prepares our boys for a world that is rapidly changing.