School Program

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Saint David’s school program is based on the classical ideal of "balance in all things." This balance, so important to realizing boys' potential, is achieved by providing a well-rounded education that focuses on four pillars: Academics, Athletics, Arts, and Spirituality. Each of these pillars is instrumental in helping our boys achieve our mission's ultimate aspiration: "...that they be good men." Academically, we educate boys to be strong scholars who are knowledgeable, intellectually curious, and creative. In Athletics, we stress skill, sportsmanship and teamwork.  In the Arts, our boys learn how to appreciate beauty in its many manifestations and learn to critically determine aesthetic value. In Spirituality, we help boys develop a moral compass to guide their decision-making in a complex world, and provide service opportunities for them to act for the greater good. We have implemented a school-wide Curriculum Initiative to evolve all of our programs based on research about how boys best learn and to implement these practices across the curriculum, in line with our mission.  Technology is purposefully integrated into the curriculum across all grades and disciplines. 

Ultimately, Saint David’s school program seeks to develop curious, reflective, and analytical thinkers--creative and active learners with an expansive breadth and depth of knowledge who develop a lifelong love of learning.

2018-2019 Program of Studies