Saint David's Endowment: 
68 funds totaling $75 million

Funds are established for a variety of purposes: from offering scholarship aid, to supporting a particular program area, to providing assistance for faculty development. Many funds are named for important people in the life of the school. Some are planned gifts-money bequeathed to the school through an estate fund.

A description of each of Saint David's endowment funds, categorized by area of support, appears below. 


The William J. Bergin Fund, established in his memory, supports a number of programs at the discretion of the Headmaster.

The Owen Cheatham Fund for Mathematics and Computer Science augments the salary budget and goes toward the purchase of computers for the teaching of mathematics.

The Class of 2014 Legacy Gift supports the ongoing needs of the Eighth Grade Italian Study tour.

The Class of 2016 Legacy Gift supports the Eighth Grade visit to the Sistine Chapel during the Italian Study tour.

The Richard S. Foote Endowment for History  was established in 2014 in memory of Richard, father of James W. Foote ’18 and Thomas G. Foote ’16. The initial gift to the fund came as a bequest to Saint David’s School following Richard’s untimely passing. The fund supports the school’s collaboration with the Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History in conjunction to the fifth and sixth grade curricula, as well as other History Department initiatives at the discretion of the Headmaster. 

The Fund for Hispanic Studies was established by an alumnus and encourages Hispanic studies, both in language and culture.

The Fund for Special Teaching supports special academic projects and ancillary learning programs at the discretion of the Headmaster.

The Fund for the Study of Japan encourages American students to learn more about Japan and Japanese students to attend Saint David's School.

The Phoebe Hearst Fund for Science was established by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation to support the school's science program. Income supports science salaries, and laboratory equipment and supplies.

The Louise and Robert Hoguet Fund for History, named for the school's Founder and her husband, provides a prize for a history essay competition, which is awarded annually at graduation, as well as general support for the history program.

The K. F. Landegger Fund for Ancient and Medieval History encourages the study of medieval and ancient history at Saint David's School.

The Lapeyre Family Endowment for the Teaching of Literacy Skills, established in 2007, supports the school’s commitment to the teaching of fundamental reading and writing skills throughout the curriculum, including special academic projects, classes, teachers and ancillary learning programs.

The Leviant Chair for the Study of the French Language supports French teachers' salaries and provides educational resources for teaching elementary school French.

The Thea Osborne Fund for the Canticle has been established in honor of Thea Osborne for her 47 years of service to Saint David's School. It will enhance the journalistic, editorial, and layout skills of students in the fourth through eighth grades.

The Pfohl, Kirby, Quigley Fund supports Upper School academic programs.


The Casey Fund for Art, Music, and Politics, established by Mr. and Mrs. Peter Clifton to honor longtime Trustee Jack Casey, supports the art, music, and political science programs.

The Class of 2017 Legacy Gift supports restoration of the Graham House Mosaic.

The Malachy F. Cleary Endowment for Dramatic Arts and Asian Studies, created in his honor, supports projects in the areas of dramatic arts and Asian studies.

The J. Barry and Linda P. Donahue Fund for the Visual Arts supports the school's visual arts program.

The Kotite Family Endowment, established in honor of Mr. Albert Kotite, provides support for the dramatic arts at Saint David's School.

The Livoti-Messner Fund for the Visual Arts helps further the study, appreciation, and enjoyment of the visual arts at Saint David's.


The Timothy, Matthew, and George Leisure Fund for Athletics supports the sports programs at Saint David's School.

The Edith and Dr. Anthony Nigro Memorial Fund provides general support for the school, with special emphasis on the athletic programs.

The Susan and Paul McDermott Memorial Fund supports athletic programs at the school.

The Arif R. Sarfraz Fund has been established in gratitude for the unique influence Saint David's School had on Arif's life. The fund supports Saint David's squash program by setting up an annual invitational event, in Arif's memory.


The Faculty Fund for Advanced Study provides opportunities for faculty members to make in-depth explorations in a field of interest, or to pursue an advanced degree.

The Halleran Endowment for Faculty Excellence was established in 2000 by Arthur J. Halleran Jr., Class of 1961. The fund supports faculty development through the annual awarding of two grants: the Malachy F. Cleary Jr. Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Humanities and Dramatics and The Richard A. Dryzga Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics and Science.

The Meehan Endowment for Faculty and Student Adventure makes possible faculty-student outings, which may take place in school, on weekends, or after school.

The Otto-Bernstein Family Endowment for Faculty Development and Support was established in 2010 as part of the endowment of Saint David's School, in appreciation of the outstanding faculty at Saint David's. The income from this endowment fund is to be used to support faculty development and salaries.

The Sara Peavy Fund To acknowledge a dedicated teacher by funding a summer enrichment experience that will stimulate thinking, enhance teaching, and model the ideal of lifelong learning.

The William J. Ryan Memorial Fund, established in honor of this beloved member of the faculty, provides grants to faculty members who show exemplary promise as educators in history and religion.

The Allen Sperry Family Endowment for Faculty Excellence in Music, established by the Sperry family in 2007, supports music faculty development by funding summer musical study projects and travel related to music appreciation. The Fund is comprised of the Faculty Excellence in the Teaching of Music Award, given annually to a music faculty member who exhibits exemplary loyalty and dedication to the mission of the school, is uniformly respected by his/her peers and, through his or her love and appreciation of music, enhances the overall music program and enriches the cultural and musical life of Saint David's boys.

The Teachers Beneficial Fund provides loans to faculty and staff members for personal or family emergencies. The loans are made for a brief term at the discretion of the Headmaster and do not require payment of interest.

The Wolff Endowment for Faculty encourages and rewards the professional growth of teachers by defraying the expense of faculty attendance at professional meetings and by providing special equipment required by teachers.


The Class of 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, and 1992 Endowments were instituted by the parents of graduates in each of these classes to provide a lasting gift to the school.

The David D. Hume Endowment, established in honor of Saint David's Second Headmaster, provides general support for the school's programs, with special emphasis on music and art.

The Gregory Smith Fund was established in memory of one of the school's key founders and the first President of its Board of Trustees.

The Ann S. and Paul E. Taylor, Jr., Headmaster's Fund supports special projects favored by the Headmaster but not provided for in the annual budget.

The Mark White Memorial Fund, established after the death of this Saint David's student when he was in second grade, provides general support.

Saint David's School Fund Functioning as Endowment is a reserve fund available to the trustees for use, when needed, to support large-scale school initiatives.


The Teresa Winters Fennell Library Fund provides income to purchase new books and materials for the library.

The Edward Greenebaum Library Fund provides general support for the library, including the purchase of new books and audio-visual equipment and materials.

The John Stourton Mowbray Library Memorial Fund was established to purchase illustrated works in geography, art, science, history, and literature for the library.


The Gregory B. Smith Sr. Estate Fund was the first planned gift made to Saint David's School.


The Class of 2012 Endowment was established by the families of the Class of 2012 to provide a lasting legacy to the school so that other boys can benefit from a Saint David's education, like their sons.

The Peter F. Clifton Scholarship Fund established in honor of Saint David’s former lower school head and assistant headmaster, provides scholarship funds to families in need..

The Coleman Family Scholarship Fund supports scholarships for students who demonstrate excellence in good citizenship.

The Gabrielle Crumlish and Julie Sykes Scholarship Fund, established in honor of longtime pre-primary teacher Mrs. Crumlish and Admissions Director Mrs. Sykes upon their retirement, provides financial support for qualified boys who wish to attend Saint David's.

The Francis Currie Endowment, established as a memorial to former Trustee Francis Currie, supports special projects and aids scholarship students.

The Richard A. Dryzga Endowment, named for this highly respected former faculty member, provides scholarship aid to boys who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend Saint David's.

John (Jack) Flannery Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund, established to honor Mr. Flannery, father of John '05, who faced adversity with grace, courage, and faith.

The Fund for Scholarship Aid provides scholarships to ensure the diversity of Saint David's student body.

The Arkadi Gerney Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance to scholars whose international roots contribute to the diversity of Saint David's School.

The William Randolph Hearst Scholarship Fund, established by trustees of the William Randolph Hearst Foundation, provides tuition assistance to families of middle income.

The Martin Luther King Scholarship Fund, established at the time of Dr. King's death, encourages the enrollment of African-American students at Saint David's School.

The Ralph E. O'Connell III Scholarship Fund, established in the memory of Ralph ’78, supports a boy who would not otherwise benefit from a Saint David’s education.

The Reader's Digest Endowed Scholarship Fund provides scholarships for middle-income families who otherwise could not afford to attend Saint David's.

Saint David’s Master Teachers’ Scholarship Fund

The Mary Lee Stone Scholarship Fund provides scholarship assistance to families in need. Partial grants are made at the discretion of the Headmaster.

The Janet Halsey Sughrue Scholarship Fund, established in 2008, is designed to afford boys the many benefits of a Saint David’s education by providing scholarship assistance to its recipients. Janet was a dear friend, a dedicated administrator and devoted mother of Peter ’90 and Justin ’94.


The Mary Necarsulmer Fund for Lessons and Carols underwrites the costs associated with the annual Lessons and Carols service and other traditional celebrations of the Christmas Season at Saint David's School.

The Raymond J. Feerick Fund for Religious Studies has been established by Saint David's School in recognition of Mr. Feerick's forty years of devoted service to the school. The fund supports all aspects of the religion program.

The Stained Glass Fund provides financial support for the restoration of the stained glass in the school's chapel.


The Alumni Endowment Fund supports a variety of initiatives, in particular institutional technology. Twenty-five percent of alumni gifts to the annual fund go to this fund.

The Maiocco Fund for Technology in Instruction, established in honor of Saint David's Fourth Headmaster, encourages faculty and administrators to develop or refine units of study which result in students' use of technology in their studies.