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The Saint David's Development Office directs the fundraising activities of the school, while supporting the school's mission. It builds relationships with current parents, alumni, former parents, grandparents and friends, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the infrastructure and educational environment of the school. Like all independent schools, Saint David's depends upon the generosity of its constituents to provide a high caliber education, as defined by the school's mission. Support of the annual fund, endowment and special projects strengthens Saint David's financial position and ensures Saint David's continued success in educating good young men. There are many ways to give at Saint David's; all are essential for the financial health and stability of the school.

FAQs ~ Giving at Saint David's

Why is it important to give to the annual fund?

Tuition alone doesn't cover the full cost of educating each Saint David's student. The annual fund closes the gap between revenue from tuition and operating expenses. (Currently that gap is approximately $5,000 per student.) Money raised through the annual fund is spent in that same year, making it vital for Saint David's to meet its annual fund goal every year. The annual fund supports all program areas at the school.

Why doesn't tuition cover all of the school's operating expenses?

As is the model in most independent schools, annual giving at Saint David's supplements the tuition paid. This provides flexibility that enables tuition to remain competitive and for the school to continue to offer rich programs and make all the necessary improvements in a given year.

Why is participation so important?

High participation in the annual fund is a strong indicator that our community supports and believes in the school's mission, and is an affirmation of all of the work that our teachers do to educate our boys. We have been fortunate to have a community of parents that consistently participate at exceptionally high levels. In 2018-2019, 98 percent of parents donated to the annual fund.

At what giving level should I participate?

There are several giving levels for annual fund participation. Parents should participate at the level they feel most comfortable, bearing in mind that all level gifts are very much appreciated.

The annual fund levels are as follows:

Patron: $25,000 and above
Leader: $15,000 - $24,999
Benefactor: $10,000 - $14,999
Sponsor: $5,000 - $9,999
Sustainer: $2,500 - $4,999
Supporter: $1,000 - $2,499
Friend: $500 - $999
Contributor: Up to $499

What is a Matching Gift?

Matching gifts are gifts made to Saint David's by an employer on behalf of the employee. Often these gifts can double or triple your annual fund contribution. To take advantage of matching gift programs, obtain a matching gift form from your human resources department, and complete and return it to the school with your gift. Many companies now have an online option for submittal of a matching gift. You will be credited for the total amount of your gift, including the match.

Is my annual fund gift tax deductible?

Yes. Your annual fund gift is deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.

Does my donation to the PA's Family Skating Party or Annual Benefit Auction cover my annual fund giving?

The school still needs all families to participate in the annual fund in order to cover all the costs involved in educating our boys and running the school. Funds raised by the Skating Party support the various committees of the Parents Association. Funds raised by the Skating Party support the various committees of the Parents Association. Funds raised by the Benefit Auction support the school's overall operating budget.

What is the class legacy gift and how does that fit in with annual giving?

It is customary for the eighth grade graduating class to give a legacy gift to the school. This is usually something that has special meaning either to the class or to the school at large, and can take the form of scholarships, endowments, or the purchase of needed or desired items. To simplify the giving process, donors can make a single donation, and indicate what portions should be allocated to the class legacy gift and the annual fund.

Does capital giving cover my annual fund giving? What is the difference?

Capital and annual giving are very different. It is essential that families continue to support the annual fund during a capital campaign because annual fund giving is needed every year to close the gap between tuition revenue and operating expenses incurred during that year.

Capital giving is for a specific project or initiative, e.g. new construction or to grow the endowment. Capital Campaigns are large scale initiatives, which involve raising money to meet construction and endowment needs that cannot be paid for from tuition funds. Campaign gifts are generally large, and can be paid outright or pledged over a period of two to five years.

Saint David's recently completed the All That We Can Be campaign, which raised more than $40 million in support of our school’s consolidation/expansion project. 

What role does the endowment play?

An endowment is a legacy gift, established for a variety of purposes including, scholarship aid, support for a particular program area, or faculty development. It is often named after someone important in the life of the school. A well funded endowment is essential for the health of a school, as it provides financial stability and economic strength. Saint David's endowment currently consists of 68 funds totaling more than $75 million. Visit the Endowments Page for details on the endowed funds at Saint David's School.

What is planned giving?

A planned gift is a gift made to Saint David's through a trust, annuity, insurance plan or bequest. The 1951 Society recognizes all who have made a planned gift to the school. These gifts can be designated to endowment, to support academic programs, for financial aid, faculty salaries, or for unrestricted use for current and changing needs.

What is a restricted gift?

Restricted gifts are given for a specific purpose that is of particular interest to the donor. They are distinguished from annual fund contributions, which are unrestricted gifts that go into a general fund to close the gap between revenue and operating costs. Restricted gifts can include support for a particular program or project.

Is there someone I can talk to about giving options and plans?

Yes. Please feel free to call or e-mail Maureen Barry, Director of Development (212) 369-0058, ext. 8310,

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