Throughout Saint David's history, space has dictated program and schedule. Now for the first time ever, program will be the driver of allocation and use of space. The consolidation/expansion project addresses needs in all areas of our program. Key features follow:


    An acoustically engineered, multi-purpose performing arts center will seat an entire school division. A fixed stage with a side prep room and dedicated performing arts instructional spaces will provide opportunities for more ambitious set, lighting, and stage design for theatrical productions.

    • more rehearsal space
    • concert hall acoustics
    • enhanced drama program
    • professional lighting
    • advanced sound equipment
    • strengthened community and shared experiences


      The creation of dedicated science, technology, engineering, art, and math learning labs will give the boys a rich inventing space in which to hone important skills for the future. Classrooms consolidated into grade-level suites with large common areas for project-based learning will fundamentally transform and enrich the educational experience for our boys. Central location of learning labs, art studios, music, gym, and library spaces, will allow easy access by all grades.

      • dedicated learning labs
      • flexible work stations
      • smaller groups
      • upgraded technology
      • increased collaboration


        The creation of three gyms – one of which will be full-size middle school regulation with connected locker rooms – will provide contiguous athletic facilities, eliminate travel time, and bring more community members together. New cardio and strength training fitness rooms and an interactive fitness center will accommodate a multi-faceted sports program.

        • one regulation-size court
        • dedicated locker rooms
        • spectator seating
        • on campus
        • more time to learn and play
        • strengthened community and shared experiences