Since 1951, through a series of carefully planned acquisitions, Saint David’s has been moving east to meet the school’s growing needs.


Founded at 12 E 89th Street, the most westerly of the three Delano and Aldrich townhouses, it was just two years later that the school purchased 14 East 89th Street and in 1963 acquired 16 E 89th, the last of the three. Each move was made after thoughtful planning, and always guided by the mission and values of our school.

In 1972, Saint David’s purchased Graham House, an acquisition in line with our founders’ dream that Saint David’s would one day grow into contiguous space to meet its program needs.

Over the past eighteen years, the school has gradually integrated parts of Graham House into the school. We have long had the need, but now have the opportunity and the resources to integrate the entire building into our facilities. Because the school already occupies most of Graham House, the vast majority of the project consists of creating large instructional spaces within Graham House to better utilize the space for mission-specific purposes—space that cannot be created within the floor plan of the Delano and Aldrich townhouses.

We do not intend to change the mission of the school. Saint David’s will not be adding additional grades or a high school. We simply look to enable our academic, performance arts and athletic programs to flourish by providing them the space necessary to realize their full potential.