The Campaign for Saint David’s
Performing Arts Center
Lower School Library
Upper School Library
STE(A)M Suite
Middle Gymnasium
Regulation Size Upper Gymnasium
Groundbreaking, June 2016
Foundations, February 2018
"Amazing" School, September 2018

The first line of Saint David’s Alma Mater, Omnium Nobis (“All That We Can Be”), speaks to the fulfillment of our boys’ potential and our mission’s ultimate aspiration for them, “that they be good men” – leaders with a conscience. The school brings this vision to life through a well-rounded education designed to help the boys rise to the highest levels of personal commitment and achievement in each of our four pillars: academics, athletics, arts and spirituality.

In that same spirit, the Campaign for Saint David’s culminated years of careful planning to bring us to this momentous time in our history: a consolidation and expansion of facilities that will fundamentally transform and enrich the educational experience for our boys, with future needs in mind.

Expanding into the contiguous space of Graham House enables us to deploy additional square footage and, more importantly, large volume spaces to help realize the full potential of our programs, our boys, and our community. Curricula will continue to be enriched, schedules optimized, and community spirit enhanced. Our boys are learning in an optimal environment, with physical facilities equaled by the gifts of exceptional teachers.

By helping our school become all that it can be, we will strengthen the foundation supporting the full promise of all that our boys will be. The Campaign recently closed, having raised $40.3 million, $300,000 above goal, and with 90 percent of parents participating. Our deep appreciation to all who joined us in this historic project.

Interview with Headmaster David O'Halloran and Board President Daniel Connolly '77

History of Graham House

Samuel G. White ’60 of PBDW Architects