Need for Space

For more than 66 years Saint David's has fostered a unique intellectual and moral environment that has allowed the school to provide an exceptional mission-focused education. As a leading independent, elementary school for boys in New York City, we are proud of our existing students, community, and extended family, and gratified that so many families look to Saint David's for their sons' elementary school education. 

We are guided by the principle that education provides more than academic instruction; it must go deeper and prepare our boys to aspire to be good men and thoughtful citizens of the world.

We also recognize that the physical plant is more than the bricks and mortar housing our school, it is the primary resource that enables our teachers and boys to realize their full potential and fulfill the school's mission.

After extensive strategic review, the school determined that now is the time: we have the resources and opportunity to address this critical issue. In order to address this issue we have gradually developed and refined over the past several years a comprehensive plan to repurpose and expand our facilities at our 89th Street home.

The adaptive reuse/expansion plan will reduce the problematic impact
on the students' schedules that arises from:

  • The need for boys to travel by bus to and from a remote athletic facility on 94th Street;
  • Food preparation and service areas that share a hallway with the athletic locker room area;
  • Sporadic and decentralized homeroom locations;
  • Limited rehearsal and performance space in a school that places unique emphasis on the aesthetic (visual and performing arts);
  • Limited large assembly space (there currently exists no such space);
  • Limited indoor recreation and athletic space for the youngest students;
  • Less than ideal adjacencies of classrooms and specialty spaces;
  • Lack of flexible spaces for emerging or dynamic educational programs (e.g., state-of-the-art STEM and science laboratories).