About the Plan

To the benefit of all (our boys, their teachers, and our neighborhood),  our program will be largely self-contained and will allow us to improve our physical facilities without the need to acquire new property, or to build on off-site parcels.

Saint David's does not plan to add grade levels or a high school program. Rather, we aim to increase the ratio of physical space per student at the 89th Street Campus; to provide adequate space for programs in science, technology, engineering and math; and to provide larger assembly spaces for chapel, athletics, the arts, and school community-building, all essential to our mission.  

These elements will directly contribute to a more efficient, dynamic, and enjoyable educational environment for our boys, faculty, and staff, which is critical to a truly comprehensive, first-rate educational experience.

  • Dining Hall (Lower School)
  • Lower Gymnasium
First Floor:
  • New Pre-K and Kindergarten classrooms
Second Floor:
  • New dedicated performance/rehearsal space
  • Performance / band practice rooms
  • Two music rooms
  • Chapel
  • Upper School library
  • New First Grade classroom suite
Second Floor Mezzanine:
  • Lower School library
Third Floor:
  • Two art rooms
  • Robotics classroom
  • Lower School and Upper School science laboratories
  • Second, Third, and Fourth Grade classroom suites
Fourth Floor:
  • Middle Gymnasium
  • STE(A)M Technology classroom
  • Sixth and Eighth Grade classroom suites
Fifth Floor:
  • New locker room
  • Pottery classroom
  • Fifth and Seventh Grade classroom suites
Sixth Floor:
  • Upper Gymnasium (regulation middle-school, high-ceilings through seventh floor)
  • Enlarged woodshop classroom
Seventh Floor
  • Health/Fitness Center