Athletics at Saint David's

Saint David's physical education program is designed to promote lifelong health and fitness through the development of strength, agility, flexibility, speed, endurance, and hand-eye coordination. Ongoing professional development equips our coaches to employ the most current thinking in how to make sports truly meaningful in boys' lives. Saint David's coaches are positive motivators who hold students to high standards without losing sight of the fact that they are working with boys during the most formative stages of their lives. Most importantly, we utilize athletics to instill values. While our boys have a healthy competitive spirit, exhibiting good sportsmanship is paramount to our program. We teach our boys that a winner is someone who respects his opponent and honors the game, someone who consistently puts forth maximum effort, someone who strives to improve and does not allow setbacks to undermine his determination. These lessons transcend the athletic field and become part of a boy's character, essential to our mission'€œ ...that they be good men.'€

For More Information:

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